Bio: I began my career in “field studies” in 1979 on the Philippine island of Mindanao as a twenty year old student. Since then, I lived and worked in some of the most challenging and hostile environments imaginable. In the late 90’s I lived alongside the “Wild Wa” of China and Myanmar, former head hunters and producers of raw opium, coming in second to Afghanistan’s opium production. My background also includes serving 24 months in Iraq as country leader for a nongovernment organization (www.mrds.org) during the U.S. led “surge.” My wife and daughter were with me during this time living on the economy unsupported by USF-I. After finishing that assignment, I was offered the role of Sr. Social Scientist with the Human Terrain System TRADOC/G2; training for six months prior to returning to Iraq where I remained through the final days of the war. All total my time in Iraq spanned 65 months. I have twenty plus years of experience in Iraq, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Myanmar (Burma). I received my Ph.D. in Organization and Management with a Specialization in Leadership from Capella University in January 2011. Like you, I completed this degree online, traveling back to the USA three times for residential workshops and training. Fifteen countries and several years later, I finished my Ph.D. In 1996, I earned a M.A. in Memphis, Tennessee in Religion and Education from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. I finished my B.A. in Behavioral Sciences in 1989 from National Louis University.

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